Rimonest has developed a family of products based on a unique method of obtaining the full potency and maximum safety of pomegranate fruit, leaf, and flower secondary metabolites and integrating them into novel formulations. Part of this technology is described in patents and patent applications, and part of this technology is secret.

 The technology has applications in the functional food, functional beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical sectors, and has been approved as safe for use as a dietary supplement by the Israel Ministry of Health since December 2008.

 A Pomegranate Emulsion is available for research purposes. A publication by Bishayee et al. 2011 highlighted the value of Pomegranate Emulsion for liver cancer chemoprevention and in activating Nrf2, the biochemical factor that “turns on” the total body cellular antioxidant defense system. The oral doses used were 1 or 10 mg / kg, both of which were well tolerated. The higher dose had a stronger antioxidant and chemoprotective effect than the lower dose.